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Cassels & Sons Brewing Co Pilsner

Try something new!

At Beer Heroes, our mission is simple: To save the world from bland, boring beer. By day we are lovers of awesome, uncomplicated craft beer. By night, we are lovers of awesome uncomplicated craft beer. We rarely dress in skin tight Lycra and don masks, and we never wear our undies on the outside of our trousers. Although some people would prefer we wear the masks.

We are constantly sourcing brilliant beer from the best breweries in the UK, USA and Europe. We will always champion UK craft brewers and stock insanely good beers from the best microbreweries in Britain.

Our HQ is a busy warehouse in Cheshire where we pick, pluck and pack your online orders and send salvation direct to your door.

As we grow then so will our if you are new to craft beer or a bonafide hop head we are sure you will find a beer to blow your mind.

Join us on our mission. Our nemesis is bad beer. Help us fight the good fight.

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